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 Exeter Chiefs

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PostSubject: Re: Exeter Chiefs   Exeter Chiefs - Page 4 EmptyMon Jun 20, 2022 7:34 pm

Hugh Midde wrote:
mouldyoldgoat wrote:
The move didn’t exactly please some of their own fans when they left High Wycombe!

They were originally the London Wasps and I imagine they've garnered a few Wycombe fans alone the way. I believe to Coventry and back must be something like 150miles for those Wycombe Wasps - and that's before you buy your ticket.

if there are fans who make that trip then fair play to them but i cant see many Wasps fans stuck with them when they moved out of High Wycombe much like the Wimbledon fans who refused to follow MK Dons or make the trip up to milton keynes to watch the team still.

Would be interesting to see if Wasps end up deciding to move back to London whether their old core of fans would return.
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Exeter Chiefs
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