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 What Next For The Labour Party ?

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Les Miserable
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What Next For The Labour Party ? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: What Next For The Labour Party ?   What Next For The Labour Party ? - Page 2 EmptyFri Jan 03, 2020 12:53 pm

Lord Melbury wrote:
Seems like Rebecca Wrong-Daily is being shoe-horned in as a Continuity Corbyn leader by Momentum.
On the other end of the spectrum we have Sir Kier Starmer & Lady Nugee. Very working class  Very Happy

What’s wrong with someone like Alan Johnson ? moderate, experienced & so much common sense.

He isn't an MP is the problem. Dan Jarvis would fit the bill nicely, decent military career, left leaning but moderate, but having disappeared off the face of the Earth for the last 5 years his profile isn't big enough. Jess Phillips has offended too many people, Lisa Nandy, Clive Lewis Who?? Emily Thornberry who has also declared has virtually admitted defeat already.

The original continuity candidate was actually Laura Pidcock who was to Corbyn what Nool is to Brent, fortunately the whiny Sycophant lost her once safe seat of North West Durham which has complicated things but the succession battle started long before that.

There are 4 elements of power in Labour. You have the Unions which provide bulk of funding money in exchange for influence the biggest is Unite led by Len McCluskey, he'll pick the most left candidate likely to win. Current Long Bailey but in 2015 he was all for Andy Burnham. The membership which through the NEC (National Executive Committee) runs the administrative side of the party, that's mainly controlled by Momentum led by Jon Lansman but the General Secretary is Jennie Formby with whom Len Mcluskey has a son with. Momentum are very good at organizing but they are only 10% of the national membership who are pretty downbeat and not about to accept the opinion of someone behind the biggest loss since 1935. You have the PLP (Parliamentary Labour Party) made of MP's of which the bulk of are moderate. Maybe 10 or so are fully devoted to Corbyn a further 30 are soft left who were seduced by power and status in loyalty to Corbyn. Although this pocket is actually more in thrall to John McDonnell, think Barry Gardiner as a prime example. Finally you have the Leaders office, this is a mixture of hard left ideologues and another one of Len Mcluskeys ex girlfriends.

Wrong Daily was McDonnells choice but since the 'relative' success of the 2017 election his influence has waned with the leader in favour of his own advisors. He was wanted them gone for some time so he can get back to telling Corbyn what to do again, so there is no chance of RWD working with them whilst they aren't going to be giving up their 6 figure salaries anytime soon either. Further to this she has 2 other problems in that she is very dull resembling Mrs Merton without the humour and she has only been a member of the party since 2001. So she isn't trust by the REAL Corbynites who want Ian Lavery to stand, despite him having more Baggage than Nooly on a golf trip. Len McCluskey has also inserted one his thugs, a charmer by the name of Alex Halligan into the campaign which has led to McDonell jettisoning her. She then further ruined her chances with a leadership pitch in the Guardian which the entire party united behind the opinion of it being shit.

Sir Keir Starmer is the son of a nurse and a toolmaker who passed his 11 plus. I'd also say thats very working class.
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What Next For The Labour Party ? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: What Next For The Labour Party ?   What Next For The Labour Party ? - Page 2 EmptyFri Jan 03, 2020 2:12 pm

harvetheslayer wrote:
Earwegoagain wrote:
Earwegoagain wrote:
Earwegoagain wrote:
harvetheslayer wrote:
Well need strong leader Bozo has already red carded or amended 7 of his election pledges albeit nobody could be surprised

I think Kier Starmer if he does throw his hat in would be quite popular

I missed that which pledges are they?

Bump, it was a genuine question.

Still politely asking for an answer Harve?

Easier if you go to the "Wear Red- Stand up and be counted" site on Facebook who uncover them as they arise and analyse them. Vast majority will miss them. The minimum wage was a cracker whereby Cummings had inserted an additional line of text which stated "if finances allow" on legislation

Evil bastards they are. Childrens and Cancer wards off too privitisation. You guys were warned enough times. Make no mistake the evil oaf will crash us out no deal on 31st December 2020 all to enable his hedge funds chums to make billions.
The only upside for next 4-5 years is that whatever happens its all on the Tories
There will be no Brexit to blame or Corbyn. Every disaster thats coming will be on the heads of the Con artists

As before for me Kier Starmer for Labour leader

Lol. More fake news it seems. At least you're man enough to point out the echo chambers you frequent instead of like most people who post shit as their own work.
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What Next For The Labour Party ?
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