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PostSubject: Golf   Golf EmptySun Aug 18, 2013 8:05 pm

I don't mind watching the Solheim Cup in a way but the screaming feckin wimmin do my head in! It's not like that at the Ryder Cup, well not as bad but these twats can't let a single shot be played without starting a chorus of something or other in an annoying high pitched shriek.

It also means me missing the PGA tournament and having to follow it on the PGA website with shot tracker. I've backed Jordan Spieth and it looks certain it's going to a play-off so I'm guaranteed a decent pay out but would love him to win as I'm on at 25-1 Very Happy .

He's just turned 20 and has won once on the US Tour this season with a second and 5 other top tens. He's won well over $2 million in his first season on tour and todays money will put him to around $3 million if he wins. Not bad for your first season!

I think he could be the next big thing in golf unless the Koreans and Chinese produce something special and dominate the mens game like they do the wimmins.
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