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 RIP Plymouth Devils, hello Plymouth Gladiators

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RIP Plymouth Devils, hello Plymouth Gladiators Empty
PostSubject: RIP Plymouth Devils, hello Plymouth Gladiators   RIP Plymouth Devils, hello Plymouth Gladiators EmptyTue Jan 01, 2019 11:48 am

from their website

Quote :
Gladiator ready!
As Speedway bosses around the country prepare for the 2019 season, the teams from the National League will be visiting a familiar town but will be coming up against a newly named team and stadium.

In a bid to forge forward with the development of Plymouth Speedway, the Promotion have taken the decision to rebrand the club for the coming season. In collaboration with former TV star and businessman Steve Luxton who own the Cobra Garage Mahal in Florida the previously known Plymouth Devils will start the 2019 season as the Plymouth Gladiators.

Promoter Mark Phillips said ‘We are so pleased to have linked up with Steve who has many contacts both in the UK and USA and will open up new commercial avenues for us as a club as we aim to build on the financial base we committed to 12 months ago’. ‘Safeguarding the future of the club in difficult times in the sport is vital and we firmly believe this to be a sound business partnership’.

Also gone is the stadium name previously known as the St Boniface Arena, and replaced with the aptly named Plymouth Coliseum. Team Manager Mattie Bates agreed ‘We want to make this place a fortress next year and as cheesy as it sounds our riders are modern day Gladiators risking life and limb for our entertainment’.

The Club have not only rebranded names but have changed team colours Blue and Yellow with Black will be the riding colours for next season.

The Promotion is thrilled to have finally got this agreed. ‘We have been in discussions about this change for over 2 years now, and thanks to Team Manager Mattie Bates with his special Exeter born link with former Gladiator Cobra from the 80’s and 90’s hit TV show made perfect sense. We understand that for some a complete rebranding can change what we all love, but as well as the commercial aspect for the club we can put a line underneath the “Devils “ and look to a more promising future.

It is the 6th name for the Plymouth Speedway team , originally called the “Tigers” in their inception year 1931 until 1934. They were subsequently known as the Panthers in 1935-36. They were briefly known as the Devils in 1937, barring a break in the sport continued until the end of 1954. They ceased until 1960 when they came back as the Plymouth Drakes for one season only the following season they changed again this time to the Bulldogs. In 1962 they became the Devils again and barring further missed seasons have been known as the Devils ever since.

The rebranding is wanted to put some distance between the New owner and previous Promotions, it has proven difficult to secure Sponsors and Advertising as the old Speedway Promotions failed to introduce new following and perhaps lost some enthusiasm over the years. It is thought that the time has come with the new Promotion to address this issue, draw a line in the shale and make a new start. Already there is a new influx of support, due somewhat to the clubs introduction of Children’s Football Training on the Centre green, coupled with two Girls Football teams who hold their matches on Saturdays throughout the football season.

We all look forward to putting a successful Team on track this year, and an entertaining evenings enjoyment every time the Gladiators take to the track in the years to follow.

Action is the attraction, Friday evenings from Easter to October Friday Nights , gates open at 5pm, Racing starts at 7pm until 9.30 approximately. Come and watch your local Gladiators do Battle at the Plymouth Coliseum.

do you feel the power of the gladiators Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

Seems a bit of poor piece of rebranding if you ask me as a rose by any other name and all that. Plus it would have been nice if plymouth speedway joined the rest of plymouth sports teams and incorporated some green into their colours imo.

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RIP Plymouth Devils, hello Plymouth Gladiators
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