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Hugh Watt

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PostSubject: Re: Cerbs/Al   Fri Sep 16, 2016 12:46 pm

Cerbera wrote:
Frank, look at my posts.

My girlfriend it would seem has been stalked by 'Al' for some time. At least two of the mods have shown sympathy with my position. Whether she has or will report him for harassment is not something I am going to share with this place.

You of all people know my history on here, and I have been made to look like Ian Newell's best mate, simply because I do not share the unbridled hatred for him on this site. Do you castigate Pepsipete the same way, because he an I both abstained in the Flickr thing? No, you don't and rightly so.

I fail to see what I am apparently guilty of, because nobody has ever actually accused me of anything. And I want no special treatment. If I overstep the mark, then fine, I expect sanction. Already I have unreservedly apologised on here.

Come on, read one of my last posts on the thread dedicated to 'Al' and me. We've all moved on. Until I do something wrong leave me alone, eh?

You've met me, I think I bought you a drink, I'm just as much a freak as you are.

I can understand your upset regarding Al's post, but to say he has "stalked" your Girlfriend simply isn't true. Just like he didn't post any image of her on this forum. I would say Al is more amused at your romantic situation given your actions on here in the past rather than interested in your partner. He's taking the piss basically.

Can we draw a line under it on here though please, if you want to pursue it further then do so via the police. I don't think they would be remotely interested but that's for you to decide.
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PostSubject: Cerbs/Al   Fri Sep 16, 2016 1:41 pm

Hugh, I think you'll find from my posts that I have drawn a line under it. It would seem the good burghers of this site won't let it go.

One footnote, I was defending my girlfriend because she has no access to here, or chooses not to. The argument is not mine, but hers. I have already stated to Frank, what she chooses to do is none of this site's business. And what actions on here? Acting as a decent moderator despite the best efforts of some members and being guilty of biting back?

Like I said, until I overstep the mark, leave me alone, eh?

I'm not dragging up a load of shit, I've grown up and moved on.
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