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 Russian athletes to remain banned

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Russian athletes to remain banned Empty
PostSubject: Russian athletes to remain banned   Russian athletes to remain banned EmptyFri Jun 17, 2016 5:57 pm

Russian athletes to remain banned from international competition

Russian athletes remain banned from international competition including the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Athletics chiefs have decided not to lift the suspension, which was imposed in November following accusations of state-sponsored doping.

But individual athletes can compete as neutrals if they prove they are clean.

Meanwhile, Russian pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva said she would challenge the IAAF's decision in court, claiming it was "a human rights violation".

Isinbayeva, 34, who won Olympic gold in 2004 and 2008, added: "I'm disappointed and angry. I am offended. Nobody defended us. Nobody fought for our rights and there are huge concerns over the IAAF itself and its stance on defending the rights of clean athletes.

"We are blamed for something we have not done. I will not remain silent, I will take measures. I will appeal to the human rights court."

In a statement, Russia's Ministry of Sport said it was "extremely disappointed" by the IAAF decision.

It continued: "Clean athletes' dreams are being destroyed because of the reprehensible behaviour of other athletes and officials. They have sacrificed years of their lives striving to compete at the Olympics and now that sacrifice looks likely to be wasted.

"We have done everything possible since the ban was first imposed to regain the trust of the international community. We have rebuilt our anti-doping institutions which are being led by respected international experts.

"Our athletes are being tested by the UK's anti-doping agency (UKAD) and every one of them is undergoing a minimum of three tests in addition to the usual requirements. We have nothing to hide and feel we had met the IAAF's conditions for re-entry."

The USA track and field team said it supported Russia's continued suspension "to ensure clean and fair competition for all athletes". It added in a statement: "It is the only proper course of action given the compelling and powerful evidence presented to council.

"We do not believe that every Russian athlete cheated, and it is unfortunate and regrettable that some may pay a penalty for the serious transgressions of their federation."
IAAF taskforce report - what Russia needs to do

A summary of the taskforce report states Russia must show a culture of zero tolerance towards doping in athletics.

Although significant progress has been made to meet the IAAF's criteria, work still remains. In particular:

The deep-seated culture of tolerance for doping appears not to have changed. The head coach of the athletics team and athlete appear unwilling to acknowledge the extent of the doping problem.
A strong and effective anti-doping infrastructure capable of detecting and deterring doping has still not been created.
There are detailed allegations that the Ministry of Sport has orchestrated systematic doping and cover-ups.

However, the report does state that if individual athletes can convincingly show they are not tainted by the system, they will be allowed to compete in international competition, not for Russia but as a neutral athlete.
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Russian athletes to remain banned Empty
PostSubject: Re: Russian athletes to remain banned   Russian athletes to remain banned EmptyFri Jun 17, 2016 10:12 pm

It's a proper fecker for the clean ones and no mistake, having been involved in sports a bit myself and with the rest of the family more so it's a he'll of a sacrifice you and all those around you make to achieve anything. Missed parties, traveling long distances to events that can last seconds, weeks of training through rain and shine. Behind 99% of top athletes you will find a completely dedicated and supportive family network, the school coach that encouraged you, the older sportspeople that spent time with you passing on their knowledge. At least if after all that you come second at least you had a chance, I really feel for them.
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Russian athletes to remain banned
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