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 The President backs Corbyn......

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Dick Trickle
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The President backs Corbyn...... - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The President backs Corbyn......   The President backs Corbyn...... - Page 2 EmptyThu Aug 20, 2015 10:10 am

Dick Trickle wrote:
Les Miserable wrote:
tigertony wrote:
Bandwagon wrote:
I was amazed when the Cooper woman basically said to sweep under the carpet the Blair/Iraq affair when not agreeing that he should stand trial for war crimes - no interest in the race really but that finished her in my mind!!
Which War crimes?

The illegal invasion of Iraq for starters.

I assumed TT was being ironic....? Surely....?

You can't mean invading a country with evidence you knew was suspect and manufactured, the illegal rendition of suspects identified by the US and being complicit in torture as well as the supply of arms to any Tom, Dick or Saudi who would pay for it, whilst categorising these deals as being beyond the freedom of information act.

Come on let's go easy on Tone, we need people in charge of warships and tanks to blindly follow orders, if they were given time to think or heaven forbid thought for themselves our glorious leaders would have to work so hard at illegal invasions it would almost make them impossible to carry out.
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The President backs Corbyn......
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