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 The European Union

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PostSubject: Re: The European Union   The European Union - Page 5 EmptyWed Jan 07, 2015 5:41 pm

Iggy wrote:
Mock Cuncher wrote:
Lord Tisdale wrote:
Iggy wrote:
I bet he still hasn't got fook all in common with me.

Do you like a pint, a fag and a laugh with your mates?

Do you want to see whats best for the people of this country?

Nigey ain't everybody's cup of tea but he is far more approachable than MillyCamClegg and he does genuinely hate the political charade, the only thing that worries me is that he will simply get arsed with the whole thing and walk away leaving the Kip, which is the only thing close to an alternative to the mainstream, leaderless, the Kip without Nigey has no appeal.

The Greens are there and growing but they are really only the renaissance of the Liberal movement which Clegg had strangled, without Nigey your choice is Red or Blue Tories fronted by Camoron or Milipede, that's not a choice I want to be reduced to, in my book anyone but the LibLabCon is the mantra.
The thing I hate about Farage is the guff he spouts which plainly isn't true, such as the recent "non english speaking" people in the NHS thing.

ALL clinically trained NHS employees (inc Nurses) have to pass an IELTS test and get at least 7 out of 9. I'd imagine that, yes, some of them speak with an accent - as do Scousers and Glaswegians and people from Belfast. I'd also imagine that it would be preferable to train up some of the 'native' jobless to be a nurse than it would be to import qualified staff, but at present Farage plays on people's fears with nonsense claims other than anecdotal evidence which doesn't seem to be supported by reality.

I've met one Mock, a surgeon who barely understood anything I said, I asked to have another Doctor and they did so. I'm pretty good with accents generally but this was bad. However it was ten years ago and things may have changed, most of it has deteriorated in my view but I digress. On the whole this guy was the exception and I've spent quite a bit of time in hospital in the last ten years so speak from experience. There are a lot of foreign nurses and doctors in Derridord at least, this is what he is really referring to. Are the foreign workers stealing our job or is that they get these jobs because they work harder than our kids do, don't party and are more dedicated. I think this is part of the problem I also think we should be looking to reverse that trend. I have children I want them to have a future that is worth living, I don't feel a need to provide jobs, housing and healthcare to the rest of the world, the trouble is that the real debates we should be having about the distribution of wealth, the dismantling of the health service get forgotten whilst every argues about Romanians getting benefit or no.
Yeah good post the Igg, go along with a lot of that.

I lead a team that recruits healthcare professionals, not for the NHS but for private (generally the nursing home sector). GPs now have to actually get at least 7.5 average on the IELTs not 7 as it was before, which means that I'd be surprised if there is anyone with a truly terrible grasp of the lingo around these days - and having seen the test I'd wager that even if they do initially struggle with conversational English, they'll have such an advanced understanding of the grammatical side of things that they'll quickly be able to pick that side of it up.

I do speak with a lot of foreign nurses, and in truth they are holding the system together. If Home Managers had a choice between Sally from Efford and another nurse from the Phillipines or wherever, I've no doubt that they'd pick dear old Sally. In reality, there is such a serious and drastic shortage of nurses that it'd take an equally serious and drastic investment in recruiting and training further numbers for a choice like this to ever come into reality - the entire sector is massively candidate driven. Instead of addressing these issues, some people like to blame the chap who is qualified and is doing his best because he's been imported as the cheap, short term option...
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PostSubject: Re: The European Union   The European Union - Page 5 EmptyThu Jan 08, 2015 11:47 am

Foreshore, my mate works at a nursing home and they employ loads of Phillipino nurses he says they are great but without exception they come over, work for three years and go home and a buy a house, one guy he is working with has bought five houses. Good on them I say, they are earning decent money and not bringing down the price of labour they are paid the same as anybody else. I did look and see yesterday that you don't have to pay uni tuition fees if you are training for the health sector nowadays and bravo for that. One trouble we still have is that the schools are so poor. If you go to Kelly College privately in Tavvy you will be made to do your homework, you will be guided through revision in evening class and mentored through the whole process, there pass rates are very very high as a consequence. Both my lads went to Tavvy comp. they are both very bright and were both capable of getting straight A's maybe with the odd B, they both left with average scores because they were nice lads, didn't hit any teachers with chairs or set fire to anybody so they were left alone. Of stead were happy because the school is hitting its targets but the teachers (with the odd exception I may add) are lazy fucktards, my eldest dropped points in. His A levels because some course work was missing, why the fook didn't the teacher pick up on this? When I complained to the new super £125k a year head teacher I was told that if she sacked all the shit teachers she would have to shut the school!
We should be identifying the kids that are able and helping them all the way to become doctors ect. too many kids fall by the wayside because they are led to a life of mediocrity by mediocre teachers. This then adds to the problem of too many people in the minimum wage trap, having a need for immigration which in turn puts pressure on our scant resources. The schools will get worse and worse as we build more houses but don't improve our capacity. Two tier Britain is pretty harsh isn't it?
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The European Union
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