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PostSubject: Players   Players EmptyTue Mar 12, 2013 11:59 pm

ratings and comments from the bradford game.

Cole - 10 - MOTM by far, had a very good game, made some crucial saves, no mistakes or dodgy moments.
Blanchard - 5 - He certainly worked hard but not a RB, got himself in to good positions but his crossing was awful.
Branston - 5 - Not as good as usual, made a few good challenges but poor communication with the rest of the defence resulted in plenty of needless punts downfield or out of play
Wotton - 4 - Shouldn't be playing at CB, didn't win much in the air and was out done for pace a few times.
Bhasera - 6 - He was alright, offered enough going forward.
Gurrieri - 7 - Worked very hard all game and was the only player who looked to put a good ball in to the box, there was just never anybody capable in the box.
Cox - 7 - He was good, solid and strong, a skillfull player who can pick a pass.
Hourihane - 4 - default setting of always going backwards and misplacing passes constantly.
Bryan - 4 - Not great, not surprising seen as he only left Bristol at 4. Didn't look to have much pace and relied on Baz a lot.
Reid - 2 - Useless, yes he tried hard, but he is absolutely useless, he can hold the ball yes...but looses it straight away. He will never score for us.
Banton - 7- People say he was greedy but he had nobody to pass to, the only player who looked like scoring and he created his own chances.

Chadwick - 5 - Looked lively and won a couple headers.
Harvey - 4 - barely touched the ball.
PCH - 4 - same as above
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