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MK DONS v PLYMOUTH ARGYLE   (KO 7pm) - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: MK DONS v PLYMOUTH ARGYLE (KO 7pm)   MK DONS v PLYMOUTH ARGYLE   (KO 7pm) - Page 3 EmptyWed Mar 17, 2021 9:15 am

We lack cohesion from back, middle to front - Even our most gifted player Mayor seems to drift through now. I’m afraid most of this season the squad has looked like a ‘one trick pony’ and if we stay up needs a complete rethink.
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MK DONS v PLYMOUTH ARGYLE   (KO 7pm) - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: MK DONS v PLYMOUTH ARGYLE (KO 7pm)   MK DONS v PLYMOUTH ARGYLE   (KO 7pm) - Page 3 EmptyWed Mar 17, 2021 10:22 am

Greenskin wrote:
harvetheslayer wrote:
Ears annd Angry finally agreeing with what I've said all season about Cooper
Its no good making a couple of "crucial" saves if you've already made a catastrophic error.

Once again Ryan Lowe put Luke McCormick in goal and do it quickly.

Something has to change immediately

Before opening this post,somehow i knew exactly what it was going to say. Hadn't watched the highlights before but have just done so and the conclusion must be to ask what exactly you're talking about when referring to a "catastrophic error"? Cooper had no chance with that first goal last night,absolutely none, just as was the case when you and others blamed the bloke for the goals against Wigan. If you're going to analyse it,then it may be more realistic to ask how such an accurate cross was allowed to come over in the first place and how the centre back,whoever it was,allowed Jerome to outjump him and virtually pick his spot. Put it this way,do you really think that goal would have been scored with someone like Connolly at full back or Coughlan as centre back,players that McCormick had the benefit of during his peak years? Truth is that Argyle are simply not doing the basics well enough throughout the team and that is the sole reason why they are leaking so many goals-for sure Cooper has made the odd mistake but to blame the guy for everything is just ignoring reality to a rather ridiculous degree.

I didn't blame Cooper for that goal what I said about Cooper was that I remain unconvinced by him and I don't think he is imposing enough on either the opposition or his own defence. I've seen nothing this season to change that POV. As for the defence there have been several posters myself included saying they should have been sacked before this season even started.
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