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 Old Mayflower Grandstand ST holder

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PostSubject: Old Mayflower Grandstand ST holder   Old Mayflower Grandstand ST holder EmptyTue Oct 08, 2019 2:38 pm

The official opening of the new Mayflower Grandstand, for our match against Swindon Town on New Year’s Day 2020, is now just weeks away.

Season-ticket holders in the grandstand for the 2017-18 season received a promise from us that they would have the opportunity to relocate to the new Mayflower Grandstand when it opened.

We also pledged that we would find them a seat as close as possible to the seat that they vacated.

We intend to honour those guarantees.

However, we understand that some supporters may not want to relocate to the grandstand, having found a new seat elsewhere at Home Park from which to enjoy matches.

If this is you, could you please let us know?

You should contact us by email at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] or by mailing The Grandstand Relocation Co-Ordinator, Home Park Ticket Office, Plymouth PL2 3DQ.

We should still have details on file, but any information you can give us about your old seat in the Mayflower Grandstand and current seat elsewhere would be most welcome.

If we do not hear from you by 5pm on Monday, October 14, we will presume that you wish to move back to the grandstand.

To be clear:

if you intend to relocate to the grandstand, you do not have to do anything yet:
the club will be writing to you shortly to show you the position of your old seat in the grandstand and the location of your new seat.

If you do not intend to relocate, please contact us.

Thank you.
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Old Mayflower Grandstand ST holder
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