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 One season wonders

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PostSubject: Re: One season wonders   One season wonders - Page 2 EmptyMon Sep 16, 2019 12:26 pm

Grovehill wrote:
Punchdrunk wrote:
Grove hill has always been anti Lowe/Hallett since the parasite left us

"Always?" What 3 months?

Love to see again be successful but I've been a follower long enough to know not to make snap judgements! Hallett's only been running the club for a few months (and hasn't run a business before) Lowe is a fledgling Manager who's CV consists of one good season with a Club that ran out of money afterwards (whether he contributed to the financial issues is open to debate) Neither has the experience of successfully "weathering a storm"  at a football Club. With Lowe, it's a concern that he appears only to want to work with players he knows or are recommended by "mates" rather than scouting new talent-and the only way Argyle will thrive is by finding new talent. As for Hallett, I hope that he, like Lowe, will prove to be a success, but his is the seventh regime I've seen running the club and if they are not complete ar*eholes, they run out of cash and end up selling the club to someone even worse.

As far as this season goes, I think that either Lowe will prove himself and get Argyle promoted or he'll resign by the end of the year citing location as too big an issue. And we'll find out if Hallett has deep pockets but short arms!
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PostSubject: Re: One season wonders   One season wonders - Page 2 EmptyMon Sep 16, 2019 12:30 pm

My mate said the day he joined that he's a total bullshitter.

To quote him (my mate not RL) over the weekend.

RL says 'Ryan Taylor is a 20 goal a season striker. I have a fully fit squad (against Port Vale)' yet still doesn't play a Champioship quality defender in Aimson. All the play goes through Mayor McFadzean and nothing from anyone else - not exactly total football and will it be any easier in the winter months.

He wasn't overly impressed in the summer and even less so now. To be clear he was no fan of Adams either and most seasons his first moan generally arrives before half time of the first game, the later the first vitriol the better we do. He got in dead early this year.

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One season wonders
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