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 Gillingham 3pm Plymouth

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PostSubject: Re: Gillingham 3pm Plymouth   Gillingham 3pm Plymouth - Page 3 EmptySun Apr 21, 2019 5:24 pm

akagreengull wrote:
lawnmowerman wrote:
Yea Man wrote:
Angry wrote:
Yea Man wrote:
Atleast we'll have a nice new grandstand, if they finish it lol!

Brent saved us?? Na just put us on life support.

Hope the pioneers enjoy their posh seats because funding the grandstand has cost us out place in league one. Players before property.

Its not even going to be a nice grandstand when its finished just the same shite stand that was there before but upgraded and with seats. Certainly not worth feckin the team off to scrimp and save and still not e able to fund   this cheap job correctly.

That's what pisses me off the most. The crapshack isn't even worth sacrificing team strengthening for.

Thats grates my gears too. The only people that will benefit from the stadium half arsed up grade are the directors and the pioneer mugs. It seems like as long as the directors are sorted the rest of us and the team can feck off.

Mk dons isn't it
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Gillingham 3pm Plymouth
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