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 Will Brent Listen

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PostSubject: Will Brent Listen   Will Brent Listen EmptySat Jun 24, 2017 12:34 pm

A petition calling for the closed-down Pavilions swimming pool to be reopened has been launched.

Closed in March 2012, the swimming pool was rendered useless when the £46.5m Life Centre officially opened at Central Park.

A campaign began two years ago calling for the pirate-themed pool to be re-opened, or for a new one to be built at a different location.

But despite gaining the support of around 5,000 Plymouth people that went nowhere - and now, five years after the closure, a new petition has been started.

The Pavilions pool is now empty and off limits as £83million plans to turn the venue into a massive Plymouth Arena remain on the table.
"It's such as shame that the extremely overrated 'Life Centre' hasn't got nearly as much fun features to its pool like the 'Pavilions' did.

"Slides at the 'Life Centre' go sluggishly slow, the pool is extremely small and there's just no life to it whatsoever.

"Reopening the pool would be great to Plymouth's tourism, as the nearest fun pool closest to Plymouth is the 'Meadowlands' in Tavistock.

The council handed the Pavilions to a company headed by developer and Plymouth Argyle chairman James Brent in 2012 and he has been clear that there are no plans to reopen a swimming pool there.

His Akkeron Leisure Limited wants to demolish the Pavilions ice rink and fun pool and provide a remodelled, refurbished and bigger Arena through its wholly owned subsidiary, Five Directions Limited (FDL).

But a new online petition aimed at Plymouth City Council, started by an anonymous author calling themselves 'Make Plymouth Great Again', has now sprung up regardless.

It says: "Ever since 2012, things to do in Plymouth has decreased.

"That's why I'm making this petition today to reopen the old 'Pavilions Fun Pool' that closed its doors in March 2012.

"Plymouth City Council could've spent their money on something far more important (such as the airport) instead of building a brand new, multi-million pound leisure center.

"Going to the 'Pavilions Fun Pool' was an excellent thing to do on a rainy day. Outstanding facilities there such as 2 fastmoving waterslides, a wave pool, big water inflatables and water cannons.

"If the people of Plymouth would like to see the pool reopen, then please don't ignore us and listen to us instead! Plymouth isn't the same without the 'Pavilions Fun Pool.'

Although it might seem an unrealistic request, the fun pool was a popular day out and was open for 24 years. Just under 3m visitors used the fun pool in that time.

Following the closure of the pool, 50 members of staff transferred to new roles at the Life Centre.
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PostSubject: Re: Will Brent Listen   Will Brent Listen EmptySat Jun 24, 2017 1:58 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Will Brent Listen   Will Brent Listen EmptySat Jun 24, 2017 2:32 pm

The property squatter will do absolutely jack shight. God the council must cringe at the day they got into bed with this dubious character
No other city in the uk would put up with this twat
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PostSubject: Re: Will Brent Listen   Will Brent Listen EmptySat Jun 24, 2017 4:06 pm

Even Torbay told him to get bent
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Will Brent Listen
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