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 The claim that anything is "unnatural" is false.

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The claim that anything is "unnatural" is false. Empty
PostSubject: The claim that anything is "unnatural" is false.   The claim that anything is "unnatural" is false. EmptyMon Sep 12, 2016 9:25 pm

People often make a distinction between nature and things that are man made, saying man made things are separate from nature, as if we've been placed inside nature - separate from it. I argue that since man, along with everything else came from (and is a part) of nature, everything conceivable, including man made concepts and our physical manifestations are also a part of nature. Here are a few observations and random thoughts that are consistent with this argument.

1. The universe naturally generates self aware creatures. They don't come from somewhere else. Being comparatively intelligent to other self aware agents doesn't make a creature exempt from nature.
2. Nothing has been observed to be inserted into nature by a third party.
3. A bird's nest is considered to be naturally occurring, even though birds' nests don't exist without a bird constructing it first. If a bird creates a nest that includes a man-made rubber band, it doesn't automatically become unnatural.
4. Extremely complicated man made products were never constructed outside the laws of physics or with elements outside of nature.
5. Being self aware doesn't separate something from nature, and is rather just a conscious manifestation of nature itself.
6. It is egotistical to consider one's self to be considered separate from nature.

Whats the thoughts of others
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Hugh Watt

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The claim that anything is "unnatural" is false. Empty
PostSubject: Re: The claim that anything is "unnatural" is false.   The claim that anything is "unnatural" is false. EmptyTue Sep 13, 2016 9:53 am

Yes. It's all nature, all of the cosmos. The anthropocentric idea that humanity and its works are not "natural" first seemed to stem from the ancients who believed humans to be divine, above nature.

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The claim that anything is "unnatural" is false.
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