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 Nick Barron

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Bob Crow

Bob Crow

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PostSubject: Re: Nick Barron   Nick Barron - Page 2 EmptyTue Dec 25, 2018 12:37 am

Greenskin wrote:
nikkk wrote:
Punchdrunk wrote:

During 7 years of underacievment and non delivery you were silent in your critisiscm of Brent and his austerity driven ways.
4 weeks into the new regime you and your mates are howling for the new ownerships head on a plate.

Lost your executive passes or bitter about not being mr popluar anymore?

Where are you Nick? Your treatment of the trust is as despicable as you are.

Neal. James is a friend and I do, and will always support my friends to the best of my ability. I think you get that mate.

The Simon H situation is very different. He is hugely wealthy and openly said he was " a Plymouth boy and a lifelong Argyle fan" so I am expecting big things beyond the quotes so far delivered up. Offering opinions on individuals in the trust is hardly despicable mate, and do I really deserve to be called that .... all things considered ?

Any idea how "hugely wealthy" he is-Lansdowne or Walker class? And why exactly should you,me or anyone expect a different policy from that which Hallett has consistently publicised from the time that he joined the board-ie,the club will be run pretty much the same way as it was under Brent?

Greenskin, i'm by no means the only one who's
sceptical about all these claims alluding that SH is far more wealthier than we think. I'm not calling anyone a liar or anything but as i've seen no evidence to substantiate this, then I'll continue to be sceptical.
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sufferedsince 68

sufferedsince 68

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PostSubject: Re: Nick Barron   Nick Barron - Page 2 EmptyWed Dec 26, 2018 11:34 am

PatDunne wrote:
Poor James, the 'friends' he has.
cheers cheers cheers The Cornish wierdo's Dikkkkkkkkkkkkk and Nool, if he had'nt destroyed the club and still filled his pockets you could almost feel sorry for him. jocolor jocolor
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Nick Barron
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