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 So, why the "AFT Chair" username on pasoti ?

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PostSubject: So, why the "AFT Chair" username on pasoti ?   Mon Nov 05, 2018 7:19 pm

The question above says it all. Unbelievable.
Will pasoti not allow AFT posts unless it's quite clear it's their man who's doing the posting ?
I find it extraordinary that the AFT have doffed their cap to pasoti in this way.
If that's your approach on pasoti, how on earth are you going to address issues with the owners of the club ? 
Anyone from the AFT board want to comment on here ? chair or not.
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Argyle Fans' Trust

Argyle Fans' Trust

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PostSubject: Re: So, why the "AFT Chair" username on pasoti ?   Mon Nov 05, 2018 7:36 pm

We have discussed this before and nothing has changed since then

Pasoti will not allow an AFT account, like ATD does, like FB does, like Twitter does, that can be used by whoever we need to use it. We did ask for one. They declined.

This is why the posts are usually very brief and link to the website. The posts represent an AFT view or statement not that of any individual unless explicitly stated.

After that I have no idea and care less.

Ask your question on Pasoti, if you can - and I cannot, because it is 100% their doing.

All it means is Pasoti gets whatever we post some time after everybody else. Not much else.
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So, why the "AFT Chair" username on pasoti ?
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