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 The AFT and You - A Survey - Results

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PostSubject: The AFT and You - A Survey - Results   Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:21 pm

The Argyle Fans’ Trust recently asked the Green Army for your thoughts on a broad range of subjects – over 450 of you were kind enough to take part and contribute your opinions.

Here’s a summary of what was asked and answered:-

Which issue relating to Plymouth Argyle matter to you most right now?

The Number One issue was for the team to maintain its League One status, with more than 35% referring to this in their answers.

The Grandstand redevelopment is the second most important issue for Argyle fans, with “Grandstand”, “development”, “ground” and “stadium” appearing in 34% of all responses.

The third ranked issue was a combination of concerns over transparency, investment, financial stability and other off-field management issues, amounting to just over 13%.

1% were focused on promotion from League One into the Championship – we have some visionaries amongst us, as the survey was conducted in January!

In your opinion, what are the main areas where the club is doing well?

The responses to this question were split between praise for the progress being made towards the Grandstand development and general improvements around the club (45%), for the team’s league performance and consolidation (30%) and for financial stability (12%).

What are the main areas where the club is not doing well?

There is a broad range of issues where respondents felt the club could improve its performance, with supporter engagement, transparency and communication being the biggest (40%), followed by concerns over investment in team strengthening (11%), ticketing (11%), refreshments (10%), marketing (7%) and the Grandstand redevelopment process (7%). Complaints over stewarding were very low, at just 2.5%, a surprising figure when compared to previous Close Season Surveys.

How would you rank the performance of the first team management?

The Green Army remains very satisfied with Derek Adams and his team – 86% express their approval.

A: Very good – 24%, Good – 62%, Poor – 3%

How would you rank the performance of the first team squad?

As might be expected, the first team also earn approval from more than 80% of the fanbase.

A: Very good – 9%, Good – 72%, Poor – 2%

How would you rank the performance of the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors also earned praise from 60% of supporters, although a fifth have a negative view.

A: Very good – 20%, Good – 40%, Neutral – 20%, Poor or Very Poor– 20%

How would you rank the communication of the club with its supporters?

Communication appears to be a potential issue, with 40% expressing some level of dissatisfaction on this point.

A: Very good – 5%, Good – 27%, Neutral – 30%, Poor or Very Poor – 40%

What are your views of the various Supporters Groups?

AFT: 13% very positive, 32% positive, 31% neutral, 12% negative, 12% very negative

GT’s: 34% very positive, 36% positive, 18% neutral, 2% negative, 2% very negative

Regional Supporters branches: 11% very positive, 37% positive, 32% neutral, 2% negative/very negative

Senior Greens: 20% very positive, 33% positive, 28% neutral, 2% negative/very negative

Argyle Community Trust: 28% very positive, 35% positive, 23% neutral, 2% negative/very negative

In your opinion, what single priority should the AFT focus itself on?

This is a harder question to break down into categories, but the key themes are communication, constructive engagement with the club and supporter representation.

There is a conflict between those who wish the AFT to hold the club and its board to account as a critical friend and those who wish it to “support the club” and maintain meaningful contact with the board. There are extremes at both edges of this divide, but the consensus is that a greater level of democratic decision making on future policy stances would be preferable to the occasional fractures in the relationship between the AFT and the club, so that it can more reasonably claim to be the voice of the fans,

When would you prefer the AFT to consult with members BEFORE making a policy decision?

We asked you how often the AFT Board should consult with members before making decisions.

A: Consult for all decisions – 22%, For most decisions – 18%, For significant and strategic decisions – 47%, Board only – 5%

The AFT Board will consider these results carefully in the coming days and report back as soon as possible.
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PostSubject: Re: The AFT and You - A Survey - Results   Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:16 am

“What are the main areas where the club is not doing well?”

The fact that there is such a broad range of areas where supporters are dissatisfied with the club should be a concern to the Board. It seems that a proportion of the fan base has a negative view of just about every area of the club’s operations. The problem being, of course, that every year in the close season survey the same issues are raised - ticketing, refreshments, etc. Yet it seems that the views of the fans fall on deaf ears. I hope the AFT will use these results to press the Board to act now, rather than allowing the Board to just dish out platitudes about being grateful for the effort put into the survey and that they’ll reflect on the results.
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PostSubject: Re: The AFT and You - A Survey - Results   Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:22 am

I think it is interesting to note that there are +20% disapproval figures for both the AFT and for the Board.

That implies that there are polarised opinions on both sides of the fence and that there is some work to be done to attempt to unify the fanbase to a greater extent.

Good first team performances tend to smooth out the level of division.
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PostSubject: Re: The AFT and You - A Survey - Results   

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The AFT and You - A Survey - Results
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