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 Paul Buttivant

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PostSubject: Re: Paul Buttivant   Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:40 pm

Pompey have just been sold for 6 million. And Brent wants 10 million for Argyle ? What planet is he on ? The guy is a clown.
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PostSubject: Re: Paul Buttivant   Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:50 pm

Hugh Watt wrote:
tigertony wrote:
''The Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Stadium'' cheers

Was that supposed to be funny?
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PostSubject: Re: Paul Buttivant   Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:11 pm

Hugh Watt wrote:
The Citibank connection was apparently a couple of Junior Traders turning and getting a free day out at Cardiff. The Malaysians that ended up buying the club basically refused to deal with Ridsdale and he was laughed out of Cardiff in the end but never mind we'll have him, "Look Wut eee did at Leeds". He's a chancer and an ambulance chaser but at least Newell thought he was a fine gentleman.

There are others that know far better than me but I always understood that Ridsdale was brought by Stapleton to save Stapletons skin, I think he was getting 25K a month for that onerous responsibility. The first thing he did on arrival was apparently walk straight into Ocean BMW and select himself a nice car, which Argyle paid the lease on. He was driving a mini up to that point you see.

Brent was always meant to be the main bidder but was never going to pay for anything himself, right up until "The Irish Consortium" rocked up and paid out some actual money with a man that owned another football club fronting it. "Never Mind" Said Uncle Pete, I will own the football club as he eagerly searched for his lucky charms and ordering a pint of guiness in a big green hat.

All of which put a bit of a spanner in the works for the time being until it was ascertained that BI didn't have any money. Once that game was up, there was no way Pete was going to work on a salary for someone like Brent so he was back up the M6 like a shot

Neither of course did Brent have any money, not that needed any as he had the council for that and like you say they completely funded  his takeover and bought the ground, sans HHP for twice the money he acquired the club for. Then the council told him he didn't have to pay rent or rates.

I have heard that the Kraft Family were interested at buying the club at one stage, obviously not for £10 million!

Let's just take a step back here.

Had it been widely known at the time that PCC would cough up £1.6m for the stadium, allow the land next to it to be separated at a knockdown price and then waive rent and rates for a protracted period then virtually any of us could have "saved Argyle".

I suppose what Brent brought to the table was the savvy to get it done - which probably should not be under-estimated.

Surely any of us could have negotiated the eventual repayment of the football creditor debt out of club income?

After that all that needed to be done was to set a sensible budget and stick to it.

I honestly don't see anything here that made what Brent has achieved a miraculous feat. Everything was in his favour from the get go.
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PostSubject: Re: Paul Buttivant   

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Paul Buttivant
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