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 tickets fees

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PostSubject: Re: tickets fees   Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:25 am

P.O.I wrote:
BBC1 wrote:
Postey says that the club issuing a statement over a post on an Internet Forum means it must be serious.
Funnily enough, wasn't the Internet Forum involved PASOTI?
Another 'Vile and Poisonous' Forum James? lol!

That Ian De-lar really is a smarmy, creepy apologist for the club. Vomit inducing indeed.
I'm making that my challenge this season.
To finally have the pleasure of bumping into him.
We'll discuss Rock music obviously Rock popcorn3
He'll not be able to use the drunk excuse about me anymore.
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Hugh Watt

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PostSubject: Re: tickets fees   Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:23 pm

akagreengull wrote:
PatDunne wrote:
Brent could always run a pub, on second thoughts.....
I wouldn't go in there, the beer would be expensive and shit quality with poor service and big queues.
And if you complained you would be labeled as vile and poisonous and barred.
Also Brents pub would attract undesirables, particularly the fat bloke propping up the bar talking shit in a broad indecipherable plimuff accent,  apparently he tells everyone he was born in the sound of the dockyard sirens.

I'm pretty sure he has claimed to have been born in Cornwall in the past.
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tickets fees
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