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 Response to James Brent

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PostSubject: Re: Response to James Brent   Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:38 pm

Graiser wrote:
PatDunne wrote:
Doesn't get more ruthless than to turn a free ten million pound stand into a five million pound debt AND convince the fans that you're simply a smashing bloke.

In regard to the original HP development I wouldn't call Brent ruthless more like "got it spectacularly wrong"

Indeed, he got it spectacularly wrong because he has now found a way to build his hotel, ice rink, six restaurants, café. offices. gym without having to give us a ten million pound stand.
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PostSubject: Re: Response to James Brent   Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:47 pm

Not for the first time Argyle Talk Democratic has had to respond to the PAFC Chairman, James Brent, this time as a result of an unwarranted attack by him on one of it's posters, and a statement made by Mr Brent that this forum is 'vile and poisonous', both of which occurred at the recent fans forum.

These actions seems to have been provoked by a written question posed by an ATD poster concerning an amount of money raised by the Green Taverners and given to the club as a loan, several years ago. Mr Brent, ignored the question, and proceeded to malign the ATD poster, incorrectly saying that he owned the ATD forum and then, rather bizarrely, asking for a show of hands by the bemused audience of the value of ATD to PAFC. Having spent several minutes on the topic, he noticeably failed to answer the question.

It is the view of the ATD moderators and Keyholders that Mr Brent should be called to account for his unusual behaviour, which for a Chairman of a football club, is to say the least unbecoming and completely unnecessary. It has been clear for a long time that Mr Brent cannot take on board any form of criticism for his actions around the football club. There are many posters on ATD and other sites that do not trust Mr Brent's motives in owning the football club, and have pointed out, and will continue to so, Mr Brent's capacity for non-delivery of projects with which he is involved, particularly the first attempt at building a new Grandstand. There is little confidence amongst the fanbase that these latest proposals will ever take shape and there is a growing feeling that Mr Brent is simply using the football club as a vehicle on to which he can piggy back the private developments at Higher Home Park for his own benefit.

For our part, ATD will continue to question actions taken by Mr Brent, when there is a need to do so. As always, personal abuse will not be tolerated and we will not resort to calling Mr Brent 'vile and poisonous', which, in our view, demeans him as an individual and as Chairman of a football club.

In short, Mr Brent, it is time you delivered something for the benefit of the football club. Do that, and the feeling against you may well change for the better, and the mistrust of your motives may well ease. If not, expect more questioning, expect more criticism. Outbursts such as you made at the fans forum do not add to the debate, they simply make people more suspicious of you and your actions. On the pitch, the team has done well to reach League 1 and it will have our full support as always in the coming season. It will be interesting to see if the Chairman and the board can rise above Conference level.

Good post there.

The final paragraph says it nicely.

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Response to James Brent
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